We are adding to our blog

Just like everything in business, there must be a start process. At Quietfire we are adding to the blog bit by bit so you can enjoy our podcasts both in audio and in video formats. Last year, I had an operation on my foot that kept me out of commission for a few months, and in that time my husband used my office as a wonderful dumping ground for his electronics, computer parts, haphazard filing storage place and general disaster area.

He even went so far as to take pictures of his accomplishment. Not my idea, but, I thought it would be prudent to post the before and after pictures on the blog to show you what can be done when you go from disaster to organized and comfortable. We hired a color consultant which we will be introducing in one of our future podcasts, and took paintbrush in hand.

Transforming a home based office with paint can dramatically change your showcase presentation of your home office. Then, we re-arranged the office furniture, re-organized the storage and filing systems, added some comfort devices like a small electric fireplace to give the office warmth and put it all together with some new moldings around the door and welcomed clients into a professional but pleasant office environment.

We will be showing you the various stages of our office reno, and breaking them down into bite sized pieces to show you that, while it can take some work, the results are worth every penny. Until next time, have a great day of business.


We are just getting started on our webpage, please come back and visit us again.

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